48. The real Christmas!

Christmas 2003. I realise that everything I see in the spiritual plane, the spheres of light, the dots of light that look like fireflies, the star ... have been materialised in the natural plane by the Christmas ornaments! In the drawing, the balls that appear to be flying in the room are ethereal balls. In the background, the decorated Christmas tree as well as the ornaments are painted with colours to show how close their ethereal form is to the three-dimensional earthly implementation.

I begin to understand that the real Christmas occurs only inside us. It's the Birth, namely the conscious experience of "our anointed conscience", "the return to the period of the spirit, the return of self-empowerment and unconditional love".

We subconsciously remember the spiritual world and make material ornaments to honour the birth of Christ. I feel that when our anointed conscience is roused, we shall no more have the need of external ornaments, since we shall be complete. The external Christmas ornaments will seem like funny trinkets to us.

From then on Christmas occurs in my life every day. I have no use for the alleged, made-up, fake Christmas, since I have the Light and I can see it.

If we had the knowledge, many deeply rooted habits that have now been emptied of their meaning, would have perished on their own and we would be experiencing among us the actual warmth and love which these old habits once symbolised.

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