47. The ... young ghosts

September 2002. I am on the beach. I have lost myself in abstraction and I look at all the people around me. I see the ethereal bodies of two disembodied young people, indicated by the outline of the form they once were, playing with a ball in the sand. I'm thinking that they are very young souls which don't leave the earthly plane after their disincarnation because they haven't understood yet what has happened to them and their Guides allow them to remain for as long as they need in this plane. I see what people call "ghosts". These actual ones are very happy. They play and laugh. Many times I have seen ghosts in other public places such as coffee shops, bars, sitting and "drinking ethereal drinks" in "ethereal glasses", also appearing in the form of a white-grey cloud.

If we saw the aura, we would realise the simultaneous existence of many worlds. For the present this has been proven by the science of Physics, so we have started approaching it mentally. If we opened ourselves to the Light, we would see the worlds simultaneously, which for the moment, however, doesn't seem to serve the development of the average man. Imagine seeing the "young ghosts" together with the spinning and everyone's aura at the same time. I personally have never seen them simultaneously. I feel that if this actually happened, I would come close to experiencing my disincarnation, or I would have actually disincarnated.

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