55. I see the Star


21 October 2003, in the morning at work I see the colour green intensively in the aura. I read that it shows development. Am I developing? I hope I am. At the same time and at different times during the day, I see a point in front of me (if I can use such a definition concerning the location), of a twinkling platinum light, giving the impression of a star that twinkles in the sky. It comes to me that what the Scriptures mention not only about the star of Bethlehem, but also every other relevant and shining star that leads the way as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures of other cultures, is not an external star, but a star within. It is lit when a person is awakened, has begun to understand what is beyond, and after his existence, and follows his very personal way that leads to his higher Self.

That's why astronomers will constantly be seeking for the star of Bethlehem, but will never find it, because it refers to the internal star, which we find by ourselves and within ourselves, and may be revealed in our vision as well, if we enter the inner planes. The Crib, mentioned in the Bible, is our body and soul, and the star shows us the way to return to our "anointed conscience".

In the afternoon of the same day I saw very clearly the yellow-golden aura of my friend S. It was an intense golden light, like neon, that surrounded her. At night I watch Michael Winterbottom's film "Jude" (1996). To the question put by the film "Who knows to say what is good for man and who knows to say if there is anything after the sun" the answer comes into my mind "I do, there is and it's the sun, the inner one, of his heart". I connect this thought that struck me with the "opening" of my heart that has been happening to me recently. This is manifested in my behaviour with the true caring for people and the world, and not in theory, as I did in the past, but in action. It is the vivid green of fresh grass that I see around me lately, as drawn in the background of S's sketch. I had sought within to "open" my heart and now I can also see it manifested in my aura. I have a long way to go, but I have already begun.

Master Jonah...*