49. The Unicorns and the Centaurs

It's summer 2003. While walking on Mount Pelion, the truth struck me on the real existence of Unicorns and Centaurs. Greek mythology says that the Unicorn was a mythical animal which appeared on Mount Pelion in the form of a horse with an acute horn in between the eyebrows. As for the Centaurs their story is well-known, especially that of Centaur Chiron, who was wise, a teacher of many personalities of that era and a healer.

So, as I was breathing the clean air in the forest of the ancient mountain, from within emerged the knowledge that the Centaurs and the Unicorns were the Doctors of that era. The Unicorn was a healer-assistant of the Centaurs. The Centaurs were energy healers and took their name from the Greek words "kento" (I do needlework or I do fancy work) and "avra" (aura), which metaphorically mean "healing the aura". They were depicted that way - as both people and horses together - because the conscience of the people at that time, perceived them as strong as horses, with supernatural powers.

The Unicorns transferred energy from the sixth energy centre, the one we call the third eye. The horn they carry in the centre of their forehead is the crystallisation of the energy they transferred in order to heal. When energy emanates from the third eye, it is directed straight on, swirling at the same time, like a concentrated laser, to wherever there is a need for healing, stimulation, balance or support. Hence, it is illustrated with a swirling horn. Besides, the whole world, the thicker matter, is the condensation of thin matter, namely invisible energy, invisible only to human eyes.