8. The celebration of souls

The most "whimsical" of all is what I saw on a beach. I see the aura around my friend, with the sky as a background. I clearly distinguish at least two colours, the electric blue and the purple-mauve one resembling the dark lilac and around the entire space - if we can call it that - I see dots of light moving very fast in all directions, leaving tails of platinum light behind them. I remembered the previous night, when we were having a walk in a village nearby. As we were walking through a pitch black alley I saw fireflies, and I wondered why their light was so intense. I haven't seen such luminous fireflies since my childhood, I thought. Seeing these vibrating, luminous dots now, I realised that the Universe had given me a gift, a short presentation, like a film trailer, and the fireflies I had seen the previous evening, or I had believed I saw were dots of Light. At that time on the beach I felt euphoria; or rather I would say that I had the sense of a FESTIVITY, as if everything was celebrating. "Hello to you, and I love you too". I have the feeling that they are newly born souls.

Here then, are the dots of light. They are spots of platinum light making very rapid movements in the space-field. The JOY that I feel is inconceivable. I literally live the aura of my friend and the celebration of the platinum dots "dancing" around her. It reminds me of the pictures with the meteor shower recorded by scientists. The only difference is that the picture with the raining stars has the black or dark blue background of the sky, while this one has the platinum light as a background and more behind it the three-dimensional world. It is very festive!

Later on, I read in Michael Newton's book "The journey of Souls", that people describe the souls as dots of light, as fire-flies moving very fast. I have the feeling that many souls came to celebrate with us.