21. The point we "vanished" and where we shall return


I have my eyes closed. The shapes painted here begin to emanate from the centre of a deep night-blue background and a three-dimensional space, and they are spinning in waves, with platinum and blue-mauve light. (This centre, where the light emanates relative to the observer's perspective, coincides with the vanishing point as studied in Renaissance painting.) In the space and much before the vanishing point, apart from the spinning, there are small glowing spheres. On the right hand side, they are red, yellow and green and on the left all of them are bigger and blue-mauve. The relationship between the spins and the spheres are shown in the sketch. These relationships are the only ones that can be depicted properly. In Physical Science this is called the Uncertainty Principle, which states that we can not simultaneously determine the position and the speed of an object in the universe.

What I feel when "I am" there, is the sense of eternity, safety and playfullness, which I can't exactly put into words.

I wonder what this is all about. Possible answers, which are new questions themselves: the centre? Where do the vortexes come from? Are the mauve spheres the energies of the Masters? The left and the right side lead me to think of the left and the right side of the brain. I wonder whether these small spheres are souls. Is there something coming towards me or am I travelling towards them? "It's the same thing."

I read again about the vanishing point and the rules of perspective set by the painters-scientists of Renaissance. I believe that the vanishing point, which is the conceivable source of light in a three-dimensional depiction, is the Sun for the Earth and the Source for the Universe World.

The description of the point with the word vanishing is interesting. It is indeed the point we "vanished" and where we shall return.

Stephen Hawking...*