20. I literally see the Love - Light

September 2001, after the attacks of 9/11, of the twin towers in New York. My friend sends out positive thoughts to people who suffer. She puts herself into the "hands" of the Master to guide her. Without knowing what she's doing, I observe the platinum light behind her. The levels in front of her face are transparent, and spin continuously.

At the same time I see platinum light coming out from the point of her forehead in between the eyes, and when it reaches about 10 centimetres from her face, it disappears. The skin of the forehead between her eyebrows also vibrates almost imperceptibly.

Periodically and at a specific pace I see a platinum sphere emerging from this point, slowly in the beginning, like the birth of an egg. It shines and goes away, as if it disappears immediately afterwards; then another and another comes forth.

I'm thinking that the speed of light is so great that it's impossible to follow the movement with the naked eye and so the visual impression created is that the platinum ball vanishes.

I believe that we are not alone, at any time. What a great blessing! Whoever believes so is happy. Imagine if you also saw it. I feel that I literally see the Love - Light leaving through that particular person, my friend, and going to strengthen anyone who has a genuine need. I didn't have the opportunity to see the recipients until later on, in a very interesting experience.

After months, I read in Bezant's and Leadbeater's book "Thought-Forms", that they had seen the Word in the form of a platinum sphere. I display the image from this book on the right, where they have imaged the Word, as they saw Him, and it is the same with the platinum spheres I saw coming out of my friend's sixth energy centre.