52. Fear, illness and the cure


July 2003. We are by the sea. A friend, "A", visits us and we go swimming together. She is under tremendous stress, which has caused her to break out in a rash that makes her feel great discomfort after a while. My friend puts her hands over A's rash and transfuses energy to her. I see a cloud, black in the beginning, vivid red and opaque afterwards, coming out of that point. Then, the place is filled with mauve light. "A", who has the problem, relaxes, because she's relieved and believes that she will get over it. The energy therapy is accompanied by a refreshing ointment. Next morning, the rash is reduced and the discomfort is gone.

I know within that this has been attained because "A" had faith in the success of the cure and had already started the process of thinking what was wrong in her life in order to face it. In recent years, I have come to know well that everyone's enemy for his or her own personal development is fear, the vague and general fear that consists of other countless individual fears. All of them are figments of the imagination. The characteristic of fear is the paralysis of reasoning and man's immobilisation. Nice trick, but we have just understood that all this is nothing but a delusion and fear breaks up just like a small cloud that has been pierced by the sun, A's black cloud broke up when the "sun" of energy was transfused by her beloved friend.

The energy which cures is Love. I know by now that we start learning it from the experiencing of our most simple and everyday relationships, to the deepest love affair someone can have on earth. And then something starts happening which seems like a miracle. We begin opening our soul to the infinite, the universe, and we no longer feel alone in this world.