39. I literally see what they call a miracle

21 April 2002. With some friends we visit our blind, old friend, Mrs "R". Her body suffers. Her high blood pressure worries her. The friend places her hands on top of Mrs R's head (on the 7th energy centre) and concentrates. I observe a black cloud covering her hands and then disappearing. Soon, the space around them is filled with mauve energy. Black doesn't exist anymore. The process is completed in five minutes.

The effect is immediate. Right afterwards Mrs R's blood pressure from a very high reading which the pressure gauge had showed before the transfer of energy, is now measured again with the same gauge and it has dropped to a perfectly normal pressure.

I have the feeling that the black I see in the beginning, emerging from Mrs R and then evaporating, is her fear, the sadness from her loneliness. Through our friend, the Lord took away every fear and grief, literally. I understood that the energy of the mauve frequency was the one that helped Mrs R His words "your Faith has saved you", is literal. Mrs R has repeated many times to our friend "how wonderful it feels when you put your hands on me". So, this time, right after our friend suggested it, the old woman accepted it right away and let herself go with absolute confidence.

I realised that healing in reality is self-healing and that it is achieved, as meant by the word itself, always starting from ourselves.

Five years later I found myself in a very painful situation. I had severe pains in my left shoulder and I couldn't move my arm at all. I had stopped using it, so I could neither drive, nor work, nor sleep due to the pain. Two days passed without any medication, hoping that it would get better with the help of a thermo-cream. The result was that my arm was on the verge of becoming totally stiff. I feared I had to go to the doctor and get some strong medication to treat a long-term situation.

On the third day, after work, I had an appointment with my friend. She asked me whether I wanted her to transfer energy to my aching shoulder. "You shouldn't ask. Of course I do", I replied. She puts her hands over my shoulder and we concentrate. I start feeling as if I were under anaesthesia. I coughed as I had done once before after I had just had surgery, recovering from the anaesthesia, when I coughed due to the anaesthetic. So, I felt as if I had taken light anaesthesia. About five minutes passed. I slowly began to lie down. After a while I made the first attempt to move my arm. It moved as if it were "waking" from stiffness. At the same time, the pain stopped instantly and I could make almost any movement. The next day, the arm functioned normally, without feeling anything of what had proceeded.

What I had experienced was really impressive. By now I knew through my own body that the shrinking of the earthly time up to the point of automation resulting in what we call a miracle, was possible. During the transfusion of the energy, I didn't know what was happening, but I had absolute faith in positive results only. I know that this faith brought them.

I had seen with my own eyes the high blood pressure of an old woman drop immediately. Now, I was experiencing in my own body the absolute relief of pain and the return to normal movement of a limb, whose operational capacity had been affected. Further on, I mention how a friend was healed from her severe skin infection. I consider them to be three different medical cases: high blood pressure, functional disability and a skin infection. I'm thinking that the potential of the energy is infinite and that it can really do wonders when there is inner strength and faith.

The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy... *
The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy... *
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