51. The universe has a sense of humour


July 2003. We're on the ferry boat, returning from the journey, visiting Mrs "R" in the countryside, where she lives during the summer.

We're sitting on the deck, enjoying the sun and the wind, looking at the sea. At some point a fellow traveller, who's sitting opposite me and reading a book, arouses my interest. I try to see his aura. I see that it's white. Afterwards I take a glimpse of the title of his book which is in English: "The Sense of Being Stared at"! I can't say anything different than the Universe has a sense of humour. Besides, Humour also comes from There.

I wonder whether it's right to see people this way. The answer is that I never look at someone selfishly and, I never use this knowledge for personal reasons. My dream is to be able to use it for therapeutic purposes, since all illnesses appear in someone's aura first, prior to physical symptoms. This can really contribute significantly to their prediction and full cure. Let me cure myself first with the Light and then we shall see.

Besides, we are all being stared at by the Skies.

Five years later I was sitting with friends at a cafe bar by the sea. A company of foreigners came in and sat opposite us. One of them was a woman who had extremely long hair and a strange stare. She began to focus on me, looking around the figure of my body. I knew inside me that she was looking at my aura. I felt uncomfortable, as if I were naked. Her eyes had a hard look when she first came into the coffee shop. Now they were soft and sweet. I'm not the only one looking. I thought that more and more people will be seeing the aura, thus the true identity of each one will be revealed. Then, the whole truth will be literally shown. Then everyone will cease striving to show who he or she really is, because that will manifest by itself.

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