53. A friend's eight year old daughter


August 2003. We're playing with a friend's eight year old daughter. The young girl is drawing a rainbow and wants to use all the colours of the spectrum, but she doesn't remember them. Before I tell her anything she raises her hand to the light and focuses on her fingers. "I see the colours on my fingers", she says. I ask her what exactly she sees. "I see the purple, red and yellow, blue and green, pink and orange".

She mentioned the mauve purple first. It was only natural, since the whole room was full of mauve light. She can see all the colours. This little one can see the aura. She bears a soul of blue aura.

I remember not so long ago at work, when an associate had brought her three year old daughter. "Give me a piece of paper so I can draw you", she told me. She chose a pink colour from the wooden paints box and drew a pink cloud. "This is you", she told me. "Are you sure?" I teased her. "This is you", she insisted. I won't doubt you any more sweetie, because you can see.

Most children can see the aura at an early age. Later on they lose this ability, because their soul must get "grounded" and they must work arduously as human beings here on Earth for their development. So we don't continue any discussion with my friend's eight year old daughter about what she is seeing. Whether we discuss it or not, as she grows older she will find her way if she is to pass through this knowledge. Her parents bring her up with real care and love, and that's what counts.

Since I was a child I saw the Light of newborn souls, particularly when I was just waking up in the morning in bed and was just opening my eyes, before "returning" altogether consciously to this world. This has never stopped, but only recently, since I have been seeing the aura consciously and with knowledge, have I understood what I saw.