29. I see inspiration literally


It's 15 December 2001, at my friend's house. We are talking in essence and de profundis about our lives. I'm observing an artist friend while he's listening. He has closed his eyes and listens to us completely relaxed and concentrated. As I'm looking at him, I see mauve "jacks of hearts" - this is the only way I can describe the shape of these energy spheres - or inverted hearts literally entering the 7th centre, namely the top of the skull, through his head. So this is how old this history is of the patterns used in playing cards, as we also mentioned in Chapter 9.

I'm thinking that this man, who is a distinguished and recognised artist, is really inspired and that at this particular moment, I am actually observing his very inspiration. I feel that he is open to a higher receptivity. The speed at which he absorbs the messages, is the highest I have seen so far, because the "jacks of hearts" are absorbed within him by means of a continuous and rapid flow. Besides, the etymology of the word inspiration - in spirit - means exactly that someone is in the spirit, namely he has been hyper-covered by it.

The aura of the artist friend is light blue. In it I can see a lot of material which he subconsciously passes in his works.

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