9. The union with the higher Self


This is the light my friend radiates, as I see it around her, without her doing anything! It's as simple as that. The colours are spotless and the bands absolutely distinguishable from one another. I see the purple-mauve and the electric blue light very intensely. Up till now (12 October 2001), I have seen their highest intensity when I am in the countryside. Lately I see them intensely in Athens also. Now that I am writing (20 November 2001), the light is very intense both here and everywhere. The aura bands are visible at night too, even around the electric bulbs that are on, apart from their own light. I also see the aura round the shadows of people and things.

As pictured in the sketch, the two first bands of light radiate very clean and intense colours. The first band has a dark blue-mauve colour and the second an electric blue, both spotless and luminous. The next band is much broader, fourfold, than the previous one, and carries platinum light. The band that follows is a deep ruby red, the next one is orange, the one following is yellow, and the last one radiates the green colour of fresh grass. All the colours are clear, lucent and natural and they are completely transparent; therefore I can see through them.

The colours present a person in reverse order; if we take into consideration that their regular order is that of a person's energy centres, beginning from the first one in the coccyx that emits red colour and moving upwards with the following sequence they emit orange, yellow, green, blue or light blue, violet or pink and mauve. The aura colours of my friend appear in that sequence, because her soul is in absolute balance. The exterior colour of her aura is green. My friend consciously chooses to follow her heart and therefore she mainly functions with the fourth energy centre, the light of which is a green colour.

The picture of two heads that have been united in the seventh energy centre comes into my mind, as it's presented in the sketch and reminds us of the symbols commonly seen on a pack of cards. So that's where the true idea of playing cards originates, and this is its real meaning.

My friend has been united with her higher Self.