28. The supernatural is also a natural world


It's the night of December 2001. We're at my friend's office and she is translating Michael Newton's book, "Journey of Souls". On the windows of the room I see absolutely geometric and perfectly clear bands of light, of the colours mauve, green and then mauve and then green again, up to the roof, where a yellow band appears. The room is full of these bands of light, of dimensions and proportions - in relation to the room - just as they are painted here. I get the idea that the glass helps me see the aura more easily, which will be proven as fact many times in the future. I am thinking of the many more wonderful images of the spiritual frequency that we cannot see...

The colour mauve is the energy frequency where higher spirituality vibrates. The colour green is the frequency where love vibrates and the colour yellow where thought vibrates. Let's see the analogy with the invisible world: the colour mauve effectuates the energy frequency of our aura and the aura of the book which is highly spiritual, the green colour effectuates pure love and selflessness with which we are translating this book and finally, the colour yellow represents the energy of intellectual thought that we give during the translation.

Nowhere in the world is there anything strange. The natural and what we call supernatural world is one and the same thing. Everything is natural; since I can see it, that is to say it's normally formed in my brain with an image via the optic nerve and ceases to belong to the realm of the supernatural; I've made it natural, by seeing it.

Even if only one person sees something, then it is natural.