30. I observe the change in my aura


January 2002. I see the aura around my hand. The electric blue is there, as I saw it before, but a band of light violet colour has been formed faintly, not as intense as the blue one. Five months after I had first seen my aura, I observe a difference. I also see it in my house. All surfaces are covered with these aura colours. The shadow of my hand, just as all the shadows, including the ones of all the objects, has my aura around them.

Therefore, I conclude that the aura also appears in the shadow, like this one painted around my body, here on the right.

I am pleased with this change, but I know that this is only the beginning and I have a long way to go.

Because I have seen people with mauve vibration, yet who still have problems to resolve, the same as myself, I understand with much pain and trouble that one life in this frequency may not be enough, until I can vibrate continuously and safely in the Light. The will of my soul shall show this in the future.

I know that the repetition of the experiences I'm going through and the full understanding of the "lessons" arising from them will bring me the desired result. But my soul is comfortable in what it already knows and is afraid of anything new, although it has already opened to the Light. On each occasion when I think I have managed to accomplish something, without it having become second nature to me yet however, I've been brought to a halt within, and then the ego comes forth once more. I must try again.