24. Rainbows travelling at the speed of light


We're back in Athens. My friend is concentrating on specific people. I see platinum light around her head and from the point between her eyes small rainbows are coming out one after another rhythmically, as painted here. At about one metre's distance from her forehead the rainbows disappear, just like the platinum spheres I depicted in Chapter 20. Again I find it natural that they give the impression of disappearing, because they run at the speed of light.

It's clear within me that the small rainbows reach their destination almost immediately. We can see this "journey" only with our inner eye. As fast as e-mails travel today with the prospect to reach the speed of automation, so do our thoughts at the speed of light. As soon as we think of something, it has already reached its destination in the time-space. Thus we can shape our future by initially sending out our wishes with our mental energy.

I imagine all our thoughts coming together to make a better world, being emitted from people who have changed their conscience and are following the path of self knowledge, to create a promising and bright future for our planet. I send out this wish to meet with all the similar wishes of all those people who emit on the same wavelength. I visualise my wish, my will for a bright future for humanity, meeting with a large river of respective wishes, which will internally sweep the whole of humanity along towards the Light. I read in the book "Contemporary Letters from the Masters of Wisdom (Part Two)", about the concept of egregores and I feel that there is hope in this world.
The Metaphysics in C.P. Cavafy...*