23. I trust my instinct


I'm with friends on the beach. I suddenly see a young man who is looking at the sea. A sphere of red light with a black outline emerges from the back left-hand side of his head and travels slowly to his left, fading away about half a metre from him. More spheres follow rhythmically. I have the feeling that sexual thoughts are projected in the young man's aura - that's why they're red.

In order to make sure I'm wondering whether they represent anger. No, they don't, because he has just swum and is sitting calmly looking at the sea. Besides, not so long ago, when I happened to see two people scuffling, anger was being projected into their aura with red lightning and other sharp symbols. Perhaps the red light was the common element in both cases, but in the case of anger it was dim and dirty, while in the case of the young man on the beach, it is clear and bright.

I stop doubting. I trust my instinct and stick to my initial impression.