25. The portrait of a friend


This is the portrait of a friend as I see him after August 2001. The first aura band is dark indigo blue, which means that it contains dark blue with red. This blue is called Indian blue or Egyptian blue and is known as indigo blue. The term "indigo children" came about from the sight of their aura, which is of this colour. My friend is also an indigo "child".

Indigo blue and in general the colour mauve consists of blue and red. The blue light is the vibration of our fifth energy centre and as the Master says, "the chakra that emits and receives actions of intellectual essence".

Observing the energy structure of people, I confirm this truth. Red is the light with which our first energy centre vibrates, "links us with our earthly existence, and through it we receive the earthly vibrations". The mauve aura, therefore, indicates a spiritual person who has inside himself united the earthly with the divine self.

This is the light of our seventh energy centre, on the top of our head. This centre "links us with our divine being and through it we receive the universal vibrations and unify with our higher self" an experience which I begin to have in this life and I detect how difficult it is to open myself completely to the Light.