22. "You know me, you've seen me before"


It's September 2001 and we're on the beach. The whole beach around each outline has the two aura layers I've seen around my friend: dark blue-mauve and electric-blue. Has she covered the whole beach with her aura? Indeed she has. I always re-examine what I see many times, to make sure.

While she is about to come out of the sea, an unknown girl of about 6 years old approaches her, starts playing with her while tumbling about in the water. At some point the girl tells her "You know me, you've seen me before." My friend answers logically, "Where do I know you from sweetheart?" The girl starts splashing sea water all over her and repeats once again "You know me, you've seen me before." I observe the young girl's aura: it's blue, bright, big and clear. I then feel within me that the light of my friend was the reason for the girl to recall within her the memory of the spiritual world, the fellow souls, the Masters. And because children do not prevent the expression of their subconscious with their minds, the young girl expressed the product of her soul completely freely.

Afterwards she came and sat next to us with the confidence of those people who belong to the same soul family. We discussed things and played for a while and everybody felt familiar, as if we had already known each other for a very long time. The words of the child and her whole behaviour showed adult maturity, and at the same time she was a little girl playing and enjoying life. While leaving together from the sea, the little girl showed us the age of her soul once again: addressing a group of adults who were making too much noise without thinking of the people around them, she told them with rigorous tenderness, "Don't shout" reminding them the respect for others.

Every time people from the same soul family, come together, no matter how different our characters might be, the intimacy we feel between us and the common basis that we have on moral issues is strong. We feel this within. If we see the aura too, we ascertain with our own eyes that we vibrate in the same frequency, that is to say our light is of similar colour.