The blue light

The blue light carries forth the prophecy of change.
There is a change that occurs in consciousness, meaning a change in mass consciousness, every two thousand years. There is also a change of consciousness in that which would be called earth's consciousness. For the earth is a living, breathing entity. It also experiences a change every twenty four thousand years. Now both are coinciding. It is, the age of Aquarius coming forth (for humanity), but also the age of "Cualidu" - would be the word used closest to the vibration - (for the earth) blending as one.

There are as the twelve signs of the zodiac. This is with regard to understanding astrology upon the earth plane. There are also the twenty four signs in the universe. Just as a human has a particular sign they are born under - there is also a sign for the earth, through the signs of the universe. The name "Cualidu" is the sigh of this universal age, which the earth works with. 

The prophecy of the blue light comes through the blue light that is directed unto the earth plane.
Blue, also, in its internal meaning is symbolic of service. It is an age of "how can I serve more". Therefore, within the blue light is the prophecy of service unto others.
The earth will not be destroyed. It is to understand that the earth is part of a galactic system. Even though the majority of humanity has shut off from their consciousness their connection with the galactic communities, the earth is still connected with the galactic communities.

The earth will not be destroyed; it will remain part of the galactic community, the universal community.
The earth is choosing to raise its vibration unto a fourth dimensional vibration.
Thereby, the earth will not permit itself to be destroyed. If assistance were not offered (meaning by the non-incarnated souls of guides, masters, etc.), the intellect of humanity in its present state would in fact attempt to destroy the planet through the energy of greed. This "pollution" began during the "industrial age". The planet has the ability to cleanse itself and it shall cleanse itself, with or without the agreement of humanity.   

Those that desire to move their vibration to a vibration of love, shall flow with this evolution of the earth.
Those that do not, will choose to depart this particular school and journey to another school to continue their own learning. (Those that choose simply to remain in the mind, in the worrying state of what we would call the "Neanderthal consciousness"). Again, this is all personal choice of what one so chooses to do.

It is in accordance to the vibration of the soul that it is attracted to a particular school. This particular school called "earth" is evolving in raising its vibration. Those that are contrary to rising their vibration are not judged. They will move to another school to continue their learning, for the vibration of the earth will not sustain their physical form.

Those that deny the light, meaning those that continue to deny the heart, shall experience the prophecies that have been spoken by many prophets referring to the end of this age. (Book of Revelation - Nostradamus).
The message is that everyone, in all four corners of the earth, will feel the change, meaning the cleansing process. Not all will agree with it. But so be it!  
One cycle completes another one begins.