The future of the Earth and the people

It has been written in scripture long ago that the so-called meek shall inherit the earth. Yet that is but an English translation that has lost its meaning. For the "meek" refers to the empowerment of the self, without the ego. (...)

The "inheritance of the earth" is coming to see the earth as the mother that gives birth. For it is through the mother earth and the father sky that birth is given to humanity. Through this birth, through this process of living, begins the understanding of the evolution of god within the self. (...)

As each one of you searches within your own heart, each will guided to work with creating this... It is important because of the tendency of the human consciousness to enter into fear, that these so-called "centres", these so-called "communities", will not be owned by a single individual, but that a collective energy is brought together in service to one another. That there will not be such as a leader telling ones how to live, but each one may come into an agreement about the sharing of the heart, which is the expression of what ones are feeling without judgment. This is coming into the togetherness of what truly the Age of Aquarius is representative of.

We, the Jonah, shall journey into each such center around your world and assist. We will not, have not, and will not, tell ones how to live. It is only within our purpose to offer assistance. We are here to teach the students how to become as teachers. It is our purpose to assist in the opening of the heart, not in the creating of the intellect but in the opening of the heart so that truly the bond of love shall flow as it did in the land of Mu. That circle again is returning. It is a healing circle, just as the earth is in a circle of healing; humanity is in a circle of healing.