10. The Far Future

10.1 The new philosophy

The hidden Sun eclipsed by Mercury
will be placed only second in the heavens.
Hermes will be made the food of Vulcan,
the Sun will be seen pure, shining and golden. (IV-29)

As the Grand Plan of God for humanity unfolds, the «Sun» represents the overall power of the universe from which everything came. «Hermes» represents the materialistic aspects of technology actually the modern technology as applied to communication. I’m using «Vulcan» meaning the one who deals with fire, to represent warfare in this case, or those that deal with the weapons of warfare and thereby deal with fire. The phrase «the hidden Sun» is used to represent the fact that the world has gotten out of touch with their source.

People search for fulfillment and happiness in other areas and do not succeed. They think it’s found in modern technology – thereby I stated the «sun being eclipsed by Mercury». Gradually, people will become more mature spiritually and be able to heal themselves and heal the world, going much further in preparing to join extra-terrestrial communities.

Newcomers will build a place without defenses,
occupying a place inhabitable until then.
Meadows, houses, fields, towns will be taken with pleasure.
Famine, plague, war, extensive arable land. (II-19)

This refers to an event I called a «green revolution». People will turn back to the earth, get in touch with the basics of life and there’ll be new life-styles being developed and explored. People will be developing extended families for support because it will take a larger group of people than just the nuclear family to build new communities, new places. And they will build so everyone can be very much in contact with the earth. They will be reclaiming land and making it good for crops. They will be very ecology conscious and that will be the trend in the 21st century. Since everyone is turning toward peace, the building of defenses is not necessary, that’s why they «will build a place without defenses.»

The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their mighty foundations. (Ι-69)

The «mountain» will be the development of a new philosophy that will be more compatible with the reality of the higher planes and life here on Earth as well. This mountain and this philosophy will have «seven» basic concepts that appear simple on the surface but are actually very deep. The «seven stadia round» are symbolic of the seven basic principles of this philosophy from which all the other more advanced thoughts will grow.

Earth will be ready for this philosophy: after going through a period of war and famine and hardships and such, minds will turn toward higher things. A new way of thinking will spread across the Earth and people will find it acceptable. So as a consequence it will overturn the older, established religions. And hence it will have sociological effects and will affect the laws of the country too, since the laws are based on religious and social principles. This philosophy will have its roots in the thinking patterns of the Age of Aquarius.
The line «it will spread far drowning great countries» refers to the way religions and philosophies develop and affect mankind in general. That’s a very important part of life and the world.