10.4 The discovery of Atlantis (NATO is dissolved)

The aimless army will depart from Europe
and join up close to the submerged island.
The D’ ARTON fleet folds up its standard,
the navel of the world in place of a greater voice. (ΙΙ-22)

«The aimless army» and the anagram «ARTON» refers to NATO. In the future, after the calamitous events at the end of the 20th century, the present organization and alliances among the various countries, particularly the western countries, will dissolve and new alliances will be formed. There is a secret naval base, or intelligence base, that has been constructed on the American continental shelf underneath the ocean so it would be secret. The heads of staff will be meeting there to decide what actions to take –«the D’ ARTON fleet folds up its standard»- in regards to the new alliances being formed.

Kind of in parentheses, I also threw in that «close to the submerged island» as a hint to the fact that one day in the future there will be discoveries of submerged remains of this great civilization that gave rise to the legend of Atlantis. Atlantis truly did exist, but not in the form popularly supposed. Many picture it as being a Greek civilization of some sort with colonnaded temples and such. In truth it was not like this at all.

One thing about Atlantis that scientists will have to realize is that they used stone the way the 20th century uses metal. They had ways of working stone, of making it malleable like clay and then letting it harden again to stone. They worked with forces and energies that could be conducted through stone the way electricity is conducted through metal. It was a civilization based on a totally different concept of the world. Hence, when the archaeologists find it, it will be difficult for them to understand what they do find.

The civilization of Atlantis was a world-wide civilization. There have been a few small crumbs of evidence found already, but scientists have not put two and two together, so to speak. There’s a major city of that civilization on the American eastern continental shelf. And there is one where the Sea of Japan now is. There is another major center under the ice of Antarctica. There are evidences of this civilization in Central and South America. Some of these evidences have been found and some have not. Some of the megalithic structures about the world are related to this civilization as well, particularly structures with mathematical preciseness about them such as the ones in Great Britain.
You have the idea it was located on a submerged island somewhere out in the middle of the Atlantic. At one time part of it was on an island simply because of the levels of the ocean water. It’s now part of a continental shelf because the waters of the ocean rose sufficiently to cover up this island. But that was not the center of the civilization nor was it the only place where that civilization existed. There were all these other places, and they were in communication with one another for they were one civilization.

Mankind had become very advanced. Their civilization was advanced in the direction they had grown. It didn’t have the wondrous machines your civilization does, simply because this civilization had developed in a different direction. Man relied more on the PSI part of the abilities of the mind to accomplish things rather than relying on the nimbleness of fingers to do it. Consequently, civilization had a totally different pattern, and with this use their abilities became quite common.

When the civilization seemed to be at the point of really flowering and coming into its own fulfillment – I’m not sure if some extraterrestrial civilization intervened or if a natural accident simply happened. If a natural accident happened, it seems like the Earth and the solar system somehow went through a cluster of asteroids and such. But if it was not an accident but by design, then some extraterrestrial civilization gathered together these asteroids and such, and the Earth passed through them. And these huge chunks of rock racing through the atmosphere and hitting the ground messed up the climate and caused shock waves. Quite a few of them landed on some of the cities and destroyed them totally. It happened in such a way that mankind lost every vestige of civilization it ever had and had to start from scratch again. Some evidences of these huge pieces of rock that struck the Earth can be seen. These rocks, even though some of them were irregularly shaped, have left behind basically round impact points. You can easily see this by getting a good map drawn by a mapman with a steady hand. You’ll notice there are some bodies of water that are basically round. The Sea of Japan, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and others throughout the world mark some of the places where these huge rocks struck the Earth and the ocean waters came flooding in, destroying the survivors.