10.5 The power of teleportation

In the future, those doing research for the military will discover a new … force and this will give supporting evidence to some of the Eastern philosophies about the nature of the universe. As a result, those countries in that part of the world, particularly India, will turn inward to contemplate so they may rise in greater glory. It’s not really a discovery but a realization. The evidence of this force has been in front of you and has always been there but the facts have been misinterpreted and have been associated wrongly.

The heavenly bodies endlessly visible to the eye
come to cloud (the intellect) for their own reasons.
The body, together with the forehead, senses and head all invisible,
as the sacred prayers diminish. (IV-25)

The metaphysical meaning of the quatrain is that mankind in general will start to develop themselves spiritually. Another interpretation of this is that at one point in the far future there will be interstellar space travel. «The heavenly bodies endlessly visible» refers to the stars which just keep going on and on. And these ships they’ll be traveling in will be controlled by emanations of the mind and PSI power, rather than by mechanical manipulations.