10.3 Bringing people back who are clinically dead

The body without a soul no longer at the sacrifice.
At the day of death it is brought to rebirth.
The divine spirit will make the soul rejoice
seeing the eternity of the world. (ΙΙ-13)

I was envisioning the great advances in medicine quite often. In your time, the first glimmerings of this can be seen in how the surgeon in the operating chamber can bring people back who are clinically dead. They have brought them back to life to where they can live for years afterwards. Medicine will continue to develop so man will seemingly live forever, for the body is too wondrously made to die so quickly. The 20th century is working its way toward this, and it’s in sight but there’s a way to go.

I saw a time in the future where people who had died could be brought back to life in many wondrous ways, either by breathing the spirit back into the body before it had begun to corrupt or by making a new body like the old and breathing the spirit back into it. There are many wondrous things I have seen in regards to this technology. Before this is developed, there will be a breakthrough in science that will upset all the theoretical phases of all the sciences, and man will finally touch God, so to speak.

The spiritual core of the universe that relates all things together through the force of life will finally be discovered, and the central source of this is the divine spirit. I am referring to a set of circumstances far in the future. But it would be easier for an average person in your time to conceive of that, than it would be for a person in my time. The discovery of this central spirit, this life force, will be such a sweeping change to everything that it will almost seem like a rebirth of the world. Everything having to do with the way man thinks, his philosophy, his medicine, his science, everything will be totally changed and turned upside down. What was once considered impossible will be possible. Many wondrous things will occur. It is impossible to describe it all. In a way, the results of this will affect everybody’s religious beliefs.