10.2 The Woman and the Androgyn

The heavens weep too much for the birth of Androgenus,
near the heavens human blood is split.
It is too late for the great nation to be revived because of the death,
soon, yet too late, comes the awaited help. (ΙΙ-45)

The use of the phrase «the birth of Androgenus» concerns some sociological changes that will be sparked by the establishment of space colonies. The only way these space colonies will be able to function is for men and women to work together harmoniously, and be rid of their narrow minded, bigoted and chauvinistic attitudes about sex roles. The birth of Androgyn symbolizes that men and women will be able to do what is best suited for them without worrying whether or not it’s suitable for someone of their sex. This type of change will also affect the people left on Earth.

This sociological upheaval causes great dissent among some of the nations, like in the Middle East. These countries will have to resolve their beliefs in order to accommodate these new concepts. There will be a lot of bloodshed, particularly among the space forces due to space accidents, not war, as people adjust to a new way of living; many pilots will die – «near the heavens human blood is split.»

The faint voice of a woman is heard under the holy ground.
Human flame shines for the divine voice.
It will cause the earth to be stained with the blood of celibates
and destroy the holy temples for the wicked.  (ΙV-24)

Once again in history, women will rise to power. Women will bring about the destruction of the established religious and financial institutions of their time. This quatrain represents the unleashing of the female energies of the universe. It also refers to the great mother, the Earth herself, and her rebellion against being harnessed.


Afterwards there will come from a distant country
a German prince upon the golden throne.
Servitude met from over the seas.
The lady subordinated, in the time no longer adored. (II-87)

The «lady no longer adored» refers to the fact that the female aspect of deity has been neglected, reviled and ignored. When the time of peace comes this lack will be made up. For in early days the female aspect of the deity was worshipped. The masculine aspect was also worshipped, but as being subordinate to the female aspect of deity. Then the patriarchal era came into being. What society will need to come to terms with and be able to handle is that deity is both male and female, neither male or female. They need to be able to deal with all these aspects of deity in a balanced way, in order to develop a more balanced universal view.