9.10 Relief from space stations

It would be, as Nostradamus had said, the end of civilization «as you know it», but it would not be the end of humanity. Drastic changes would occur but humankind is versatile enough to adapt their way of life to changes and go on. They wouldn’t allow life to be totally destroyed if it was in their power to do anything about it.

When the fish that travels over both land and sea
is cast up on to the shore by a great wave,
its shape foreign, smooth and frightful.
From the sea the enemies soon reach the walls. (Ι-29)

«The fish that flies over land and sea» is that concept known as UFOs. After the time of conflict there will be much closer contact with the powers behind these vessels. One of them will be heading for an undersea base they have established, will malfunction and be «cast up on the shore». The people will perceive them as «enemies soon reach the walls» because they are frightened.

To alleviate some of the effects of this disaster people should continue with new technology and space programs before this shift occurs. Of the various alternatives he can see, the one where there is the least long-term harm done is where people develop space stations which orbit the Earth before the shift.

Because a primary problem will be finding electricity to power things, solar-powered stations would be able to beam down electricity which would speed up the rebuilding process. If all of the technology is limited to the Earth’s surface, it’s going to be almost completely wiped out. But if the government plans ahead by allowing man to move into space, then all will not be lost. There is the possibility that the «Others» will help us during the shift, but it depends on how we handle the situation. If we try to work together in the most positive way possible, they will come and help. If we react negatively, by detonating nuclear bombs and such because we think it’s the end of the world, then they will stay away.

The people in the mountainous areas will need to survive the earthquakes that will occur there. The people in the flatlands will be safer from the earthquakes, but when the ice caps start melting, the people in the hills will be safer. But this will be a drawn-out process. Over time people will become sensitive to inner warnings and won’t be caught off guard. They will be more prepared because they will learn to rely on their psychic abilities and listen to their inner prompting.

Watch for the order of events. Earthquakes always come first, earthquakes and erupting volcanoes go together, and they’ll be happening off and on throughout the entire process. There will probably be as much destruction in Europe and Asia in the way of earthquakes as in the United States. However, these countries won’t be flooded with as much water as the U.S. will be. Their land masses will be closer together and easier to rebuilt.

The space headquarters will leave the Washington-Oregon area. NASA and everything in Florida will be gone, so they’ll move their headquarters. The national governments won’t concern themselves with ruling their people as they do now, but they will be more closely associated with space ventures. That will be more the purpose of the government, rather than handing down laws for private citizens as they do now. The main focus will be on space.
Interplanetary travel and communion with people from other planets will be more important.

Elections won’t be held in the same manner they are now where several parties fight each other. There will be something like a council that will have the support of all the people and everyone will work in unison. The focus of the government won’t be to control yourselves, but to move outward because your «selves» will be much more under control, independently or individually. You won’t need the government to do it for you and to you anymore.

All of these drastic changes will not be caused by this great shift. They’re coming regardless, because of the evolution of humanity. Humanity is moving more and more into a psychic and spiritual realm which will occur at about the same time the axis change takes place. They actually will be working in conjunction with each other. And when I say «at the same time», I don’t mean within a year. I’m talking about within two or three decades. Psychic awareness gradually evolves more and more to where it is acceptable to operate this way. Right now, you’re into it, but it hasn’t reached an acceptable point with the masses.

I don’t think it will be such a drastic change by that time, because so many things that are just theories now will be so widely accepted by then that you will be aware and know about the axis change. You will anticipate it and be prepared to continue working through it.
All versions still depict a world that chaos has forever changed; a planet composed more of water than of land. A world picture that I hope will never be seen by humans.