9.3ß England

Only the mountains between England and Scotland will remain. And those mountains in Scotland will be just scattered islands. There may be a few small islands where Ireland currently sits, but they will be very small.

Great Britain, including England,
will be covered by very deep floods.
The new league in Ausonne will make war
so that they will ally against them. (ΙΙΙ-70)

Because of the Earth shift changes, Great Britain and most of the British Isles will be inundated by water. The British people will be flocking to high places in the Pennine mountains. They will move to territory around the Alps of France, looking for more land. There may be a bit of a difference in life-styles and opinions, a lot of them will relocate to this area because their land will not be able to support them after the Earth change.

The long haired people of Celtic Gaul,
joined by foreign nations
will capture the people of Aquitaine
in order that they should succumb to their plans. (ΙΙΙ-83)

I’m showing you an image of England but it’s just a very small island now, vastly reduced. England will want to have land in parts of France after the Earth shift. It’s like a feud between these two countries. This has also happened in past history. Aquitaine was a former district of southwest France.