9.4 Asia 

India will be underwater up to the foothills of the Himalayas. This will be the new shoreline which continues up through the mountains of Nepal and Tibet, and angles across the northeast part of Russia.
Most of China will be islands created from the present mountain tops. Maybe when the center part of Russia rises it will cause China to drop. The flatlands will be totally underwater, but he says the water will be shallow enough that if the Chinese people wanted to they could build dikes, pump the water out, and reclaim the land as they do in Holland. He knows that the lowlanders in Holland and Belgium have made their country grow quite a bit by building dikes and pumping the water out. The Chinese can make the land habitable again, if they want to do the work.
The Japanese Islands will be smaller and shaped differently, but they will still be there. In time they will grow larger. The shifting will make Japan’s volcanoes stay active for quite a long time, and new land will be formed this way. Japan will be more distant from any land that’s above water, because so much of China, Korea and those areas have submerged.
The Philippines will suffer a harsher fate. They will be completely submerged. New land could be created there from underwater volcanoes, but it would take a long time.