9.3a France

«Medius and terra», the Mid-earth Sea or middle of the land – what we call the «Mediterranean» : all my life I have considered this word only as the name of a place that is difficult to spell. I never once thought of his meaning.

Peace and plenty for a long time the place will praise:
the fleur de lis deserted throughout the kingdom.
Bodies dead by water, they will be brought to land there,
waiting in vain for the opportunity of being buried. (ΙV-20)

A part of France will disappear. France as a national entity will be gone because all people will come together because they will want the evil to find them united and because of this so many people will be lost in the deluge.

The heavens foretell, concerning the city of Lyons
by means of clear skies and fixed stars,
that suddenly the time of change approaches,
neither for its good nor evil fortune. (III-46)

Astrologers will know the destruction of the city of Lyons is foreordained, but many places will not be saved during this time. I am sad because I have a strong tie to Lyons in my lifetime, and my beloved Lyons will also go.
Lyons was an ancient Roman city. At one time it was the capital Roman city of the province «Plancus», that is why Plancus refers to Lyons. The city was occupied by Munatius Plancus in 43 B.C.E., and became the center of the political rule of Gaul because of its geographical position.

The fatal and eternal order of the cycle
will turn in due order.
The chains of Marseilles will be broken,
the city taken and the enemy at the same time. (ΙΙΙ-79)

«The end of the cycle» is the end of the world as we know it. When the Earth shift and the downfall of the Anti-Christ occurs, there will be battling in the southern European war theater. When it takes place, Marseilles will go as well as the forces of the Anti-Christ - «the city taken» and «the enemy».