9.3 Europe

Europe will be drastically affected by the Earth shift.

At the entrance to Garonne and Baise,
and the forest not far from Damazan,
discoveries of the frozen sea, then hail and north winds.
Frost in the Dardonnais through the mistake of the month. (VIII-35)

This refers to conditions that will prevail during the time of the shift. There will be places that should be having spring or summer, yet due to the shift will be getting sleet and snow, and the bodies of water will be iced up … therefore the «mistake of the month»: whoever heard of ice skating in June. The place names I mention refer to places in and around the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Those countries that are used to warm weather will be warm no longer.
Iceland, which is not in the map of Europe after the shift, will become larger (!) because of all the volcanic eruptions. Some of the land will be pushed up, but with the earth shifting, the volcanoes of Iceland will erupt quite a bit and gradually build up land.
The polar caps will melt and the North Pole is going to shift northwards, back about a quarter down on the other side, closer to Russia and Siberia.
Cities such as St. Petersburg [Leningrad] will be underwater. Much of the northern part of Russia, known as Siberia, will be like a very large shallow sea. The contour of Russia will be reshaped due to the land being compressed. This is caused by the rising and sinking of pieces of land.
He then referred to the islands off the coast of Portugal. He indicated that land would be pushed up to form more islands in that area. The mountainous parts of Europe, especially the Alps, would form the new shoreline, while most of France and all of the low countries would be underwater. He saw a strange event happening in the vicinity of the North Sea and the northern countries. Due to the shifting of the ocean, there would be volcanic activity in mountains there that are underwater, causing that area to rise upward, forcing the water of the North Sea to drain out. The new shoreline would run on this spine of mountains.
In the area of Italy he said the ocean floor would not rise, but volcanic activity would create part of the new shoreline there. Scattered islands would be all that would remain of the country of Greece. Italy and Greece have not been designed in the map of Europe the way they will look after the shift.