9. The Earth shift – The Drawing of the new Map

9.1 The end of the world as we know it

This is the horoscope for a possible date of the Earth shift, February 6, 2002.
This is the horoscope for a possible date of the Earth shift, October 24, 2029.

Nostradamus said the world map would appear differently further in the future because he didn’t see the polar caps reforming for several hundred years. It would be a very gradual thing. But then, what’s a few hundred years in the history of our planet?
The earth will shift because it’s a natural thing. If you’re asking me what kind of preparations people could make, one would be the moving of documentation, space information, exploratory information, to an area in the northwest region which will be a safe place.
No one can control the spirit of this planet. The planet rebels and shakes, and we see earthquakes and tidal waves that affect his army and bring him to his knees when he is swept away in a flood of water. It will happen very fast.
In the spring of 1989 the first volume of this work was off the press. People expressed an interest in the map that Nostradamus had shown to John and they wondered what the United States and the rest of the world would look like after the Earth shift, so we could see the actual shape of the world of the future.
Nostradamus anticipated our questions. He pointed to a large world globe which sat on a nearby table, and indicated he would be able to use that to relay the information to Brenda’s mind. According to him, Brenda should have no trouble sketching the areas on our blank maps as he pointed them out to her on the globe. This is how the maps that are presented in the following sections of this chapter came to be.
Nostradamus also said: «I want to stress that as I’m talking to you (1989), the situation on Earth is particularly vulnerable; you have all the technology as well as the mentality to destroy it at any given moment. Especially the loss of trees and the toxicity of the atmosphere destroy the Earth’s balance to an almost non-reversible level. Without the trees winds are particularly strong, provoking soil erosion, which in turn creates weight displacements and this results in global weather modification and instability. The Earth cannot stand this stress much longer. In general, the whole planet is in distress. And something will have to give to help things get back into balance. In the aim of peace, I myself came to contribute as well as many other earthly and meta-earthly people in these troubled times».

Saturn in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius
Mars in Sagittarius, the sixth of February brings death.
Those of Tardaigne so great a breach at Bruges,
That the barbarian chief will die at Ponteroso. (VIII-49)

The Earth shift will take place in the early part of the 21st century. The astrological signs give you an idea of when this event will take place. Many people will leave the planet at that time . The Anti-Christ will still be in power. This is one of the ways a lot of his followers will leave the planet. As a result of the shift there’s a displacement of water. In accordance with these astrological positions given by Nostradamus, two separate charts were drawn up which present two different dates for the Earth shift. Of these the one of 6th February 2002 has passed, however we also present this horoscope here.

The new empire in desolation
will be changed from the Northern Pole.
From Sicily will come such trouble
that it will bother the enterprise tributary to Philip. (VIII-81)

The «new empire» refers to all continents in the northern hemisphere changing before and during the Earth shift. The economics of the world is the «desolation». It will be changed by the catastrophes, which will eliminate much of the population. If a foot of ice melted at the northern cap it would cause enormous flooding. Lakes, rivers, oceans would swell. Although the southern hemisphere will be somewhat less drastically affected, there will still be changes. The last sentence of the quatrain pertains to a bloodline that is descended from a ruler named «Philip». During this time we may be involved in or drawing towards one world government. The control of the wealth and the monetary system is not going to work any more.

In these maps the striped lines are existing large water masses. White areas are existing land. Black areas are remaining land that will be above water after the Earth shift. The continent of Australia is not included in the map because its shape will remain similar to what it is now. The ocean floor between Australia and New Zealand will shift some and sailors will have to relearn the currents. The only country which will grow bigger, mentions Nostradamus is today’s Iceland.
In time ice caps will begin to form again at new locations, and the water level will lower. The maps you have drawn show the world with the ice melted. When the poles first shift, the Earth will wobble until things settle down. So it’s difficult to determine exactly where the poles end up.
As we will see in the following sections of this chapter, on several occasions, like that of Greece and Italy, there is a difference between Nostradamus’ words and the maps drawn to illustrate the Earth after the axis shift.

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