8.4 Ogmios' horoscope compared to that of the Anti-Christ

The kingdom and law raised under Venus,
Saturn will dominate Jupiter.
Law and empire raised by the Sun,
will endure the worst through those of Saturn. (V–24)

This quatrain refers to the organization run by the one I have referred to as «Ogmios». This organization will survive through the worst of the troubled times and serve as a basis of future governments after the Anti-Christ had been brought down. The «law and empire raised by the Sun» means that the glory and the positive nature of the sun will be behind Ogmios and help him endure the worst.

I’m trying to explain to you the significance of the line, «will endure the worst through those of Saturn». In order to obtain specific shades of meaning and to be able to translate the depths of this quatrain, consult the horoscopes of Ogmios and the Anti-Christ, paying close attention to the relative positions of the various celestial bodies in them. Also, use the comparisons given in this quatrain to get an idea of the development of this underground organization.

What’s really interesting is that «Saturn will dominate Jupiter» is in both of their horoscopes. Saturn, the co-ruler of the sign of Aquarius, shows up in the Anti-Christ’s horoscope. Venus is in Aquarius in the Anti-Christ’s horoscope and in Scorpio in Ogmios’. The Venus aspects between these two are square to each other which means they have a sense of conflict of purpose. Venus in Scorpio is much more emotional and sensitive than Venus in the sign of Aquarius, which is cool and detached. The Anti-Christ will lack compassion and an understanding of other people, whereas Venus in the seventh house in Ogmios’ chart shows that he’s a much more loving person, even though he might not have personal relationships. He has become spiritually loving to all people. Anytime we have Venus in Scorpio, it goes through a transformation process.

«The Sun will endure the worst» indicates that these are not the best placements for the sun in traditional astrology.The sun is in fall in the sign of Aquarius means – I usually compare it to the time of the year – it’s like the cool, snowy days of January and February. This is when the sun is making its return from the southern latitudes, and that’s why it was considered the Fall. When the sun is in Libra we have equal days and nights again.

Because the night gets stronger during the month of Libra, and Ogmios’ sun is in the sign of Libra, this means the night is descending. In the Anti-Christ’s horoscope the sun is in Aquarius, which is in Fall. This means the sun has moved away and is slowly returning again. These are the darkest times of the year for the sun energy.

«The kingdom and law raised under Venus»: Venusin Aquarius shows he’s going to come across as a very strong humanitarian as he helps the world. He might even use something similar to the World Peace Movement. The Libra planets that show up in Ogmios’ chart are in good aspect to the Anti-Christ’s which shows they are compatible. So Ogmios might start out as a follower of the Anti-Christ, but when he sees the Anti-Christ’s inhumanity, he will separate from him. In other words, Ogmios will believe that this man is trying to make humanity more prosperous, but he will be disillusioned when he sees him in his true light. His aspects show that in the beginning Ogmios doesn’t want to see himself as a leader. He is being led into something he’s unsure of.

He has strong humanitarian principles with his north node in the sign of Aquarius. His spiritual destiny is represented by the north node, showing that he has grown as a soul in previous lifetimes, and now it’s time for him to help mankind. His underground organization is ruled by Scorpio in the seventh house, so he will have a network of partners, friends and key contacts who will be hidden. Pluto in the fourth house shows that his base of operations will be close to where he was born.