9.9 The shift affects the people

Let me show you scenes of unimaginable horror. The water forms huge waves of unbelievable height that rise and travel across the land. They wipe out buildings and people in an instant. In another scene I see hordes of people fleeing enormous fires that are sweeping through a city.

In addition to the natural disasters there will be weather catastrophes; storms such as have never occurred before in the history of humanity. Living will be very hard for those who survive. The lack of cleanliness will contribute to disease and food poisoning.


When the shift happens, for the most part all present governments will fall. There will be much vigilantism and military law for many years as people begin recovering from the disaster. The countries as they are known now, will no longer exist. Everything will be split into many small duchies and kingdoms, as I’m calling them.

Each group of people that are banded together for mutual cooperation will take the place of present-day governments. So many people will be killed by the changes and diseases that there won’t be many people left. The people who remain will band together in small groups to help deal with these changes.

The two armies cannot join up at the walls.
At the time Milan and Pavia tremble.
Hunger, thirst and doubt will weigh upon them so much,
they will not have a scrap of meat, bread nor supplies. (IV-90).

I’m seeing earthquakes and droughts. This is a time when armies are of no use–«cannot join up at the walls». They are meaningless because everyone is trying to survive day-to-day. Just basic needs are the main concern. «Milan» and «Pavia» are symbolic of the past repeating itself; of what has occurred before with destruction and drought and starvation.

Though a dreadful flood on the sand
a marine monster will be found from other seas.
A refuge will be made near the place,
holding Savona the slave to Turin. (V-88)

I’m seeing a picture of a sea creature that was thought to have disappeared in prehistoric times. The Earth changes made it surface. It is about 20 feet and looks like what you would call a «dragon». Such creatures are able to exist out of our sight for centuries in underground caves, waterways, just by being able to stay away from population centers. The names «Savona» and «Turin» are symbolic of another time, referring maybe to the creature itself.
Much interest will be created, and various groups will want to protect this «marine monster Something will be built to protect it from the hordes seeking a look, or the government or scientists who want to experiment: «A refuge will be made near the place».

By the great number of tears shed,
from top to bottom and from the bottom to the very top,
a life is lost through a game with too much faith,
to die of thirst through a great deficiency. (VIII-100)

In the time of Atlantis the shift was caused by humans, it was begun by the Atlanteans, and not by natural occurrence. Their own insights actually led to a planetary shift because of a malfunction that they hadn’t planned on. To have no potable water – «to die of thirst through a great deficiency» - is literal. You can still die of thirst although surrounded by water. So what’s interesting is that this quatrain also refers to the future. It has already happened once and will happen again now.
The climates of Europe and Asia will change but not drastically. Some areas will become colder, but some will become more temperate. Russia will not be as cold as it was, but by far, the better weather will be in the western hemisphere.