8.3 Ogmios - his extraction

Of a name which never held by a French king,
never was there so fearful a thunderbolt.
Italy, Spain and the English tremble;
he will be greatly attentive to foreign women. (IV-54)

Ogmios’ extraction is from eastern Europe. His name will sound very strange to French ears. The name Ogmios is a symbolic reference to Celtic mythology. Ogmios was the Celtic equivalent of the legendary Hercules. He is supposed to represent the nemesis of the Anti-Christ. It is through his efforts as a leader of the underground movement that the people rise to resist the Anti-Christ.
His birthdate is October 17, 1952.
The «fearful thunderbolt» refers to nuclear weapons. «Of a name never held by a French king» refers to the underground leader who will rise to a position of leadership over all of France during the time of troubles.

Since one of his grandparents is from a different country it causes him to have a different name than most Frenchmen, and therefore it’s not a French name. And he says «being attentive to foreign women» means that when he deals with leaders and people of other countries, he’s willing to listen to their point of view as long as the people express it gently rather than trying to force it.

Blood will be split in front of the people,
which will not go far from the high heavens.
But for a long time it will not be heard,
the spirit of a single man will bear witness to it. (IV-49)

When I say «the blood will be split in front of the people», that refers to leaders being assassinated. «But for a long time it will not be heard», refers to the fact that some of the deposed leaders’ struggles for power will occur from within. It will be a long time before the whole story is revealed. «The blood that will not go far from the high heavens» represents the leaders. You must remember that in my time kings are ordained by God, and therefore are considered to be just one step away from God. This event will be closer to the heavens than the everyday things that happen to people.

«The spirit of a single man will bear witness to it», refers to Ogmios who will put things together and realize the full impact of it all. That will fire his determination to be more than just an underground group leader. He will decide to do something to overthrow the Anti-Christ.

Near the Rhine from the Norican mountains
will be born a great man of the people, come too late.
He will defend Poland and Hungary
and they will never know what became of him. (ΙΙΙ-58)

The «great man of the people» refers to Ogmios, the Celtic Hercules. «They will never know what became of him» refers to when he goes underground. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. He’ll live the rest of his days in peace and serenity.

Ogmios will approach great Byzantium,
the barbarian league will be driven out.
Of the two laws the pagan one will fail,
barbarian and freeman in perpetual struggle. (V-80)

Any time a great tyrant rises up it’s a matter of cosmic balance that a great hero rise up to balance this. This leader will probably rise from the underground movement somewhere in central Europe and will be generally acclaimed and acknowledged by many countries that are not under the rule of the Anti-Christ, but that are struggling against him.
I suppose he’s a priest now, because he has priest’s vestments on, but he’s quite dissatisfied with the church. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be with the church much longer. And it looks like he’s in the city of Prague, Czechoslovakia.

He’s kind of short and stocky, but he has a kind face. He resembles Pope John XXIII. He’s built like him but much nicer looking, and he has much kinder eyes. He has good, full and thick Slavic features. He has a smiling, happy-go-lucky type of face, but he’s very serious and determined to help. He’s a very intelligent man, and he knows how to worm his way around things. He’s a charmer, and he means well. He doesn’t have one negative thought or attitude toward others; In fact, he’d sacrifice anything for other people. I don’t think he is going to be a priest forever. He has the faith and good intentions, but he doesn’t have the negativity that most religious carry. He’s a devoted world server.