7.9 Experimentation

During the time of troubles the nations will become desperate for any solution to stop the monster. Thus, this also will become a time of experimentation. Scientists will search for new and more radical weapons and other methods of war that defy belief. Some of them seem to stretch man’s imagination to the limits.

The sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, there will be a great earthquake;
the great theater full up will be ruined.
Darkness and trouble in the air, on sky and land,
when the infidel calls upon God and the Saints. (ΙΧ-83)

This one has a multiple meaning. Such quatrains are easy enough to interpret into multiple meanings because of the disasters that happen from time to time in earth’s history. One of the minor implications of this quatrain has happened in what you would consider the recent past, that is the earthquake in Mexico City (September 1985). But that is not the major impetus of the quatrain. This will be an earthquake that will be triggered by a weapon that is currently being developed in secret underground laboratories. I cannot put across the images of how this weapon works, for the concepts are not present in my vocabulary and they’re not present in this vehicle’s vocabulary either. It apparently will be working on some scientific principle recently discovered that has not really been developed yet.

So the concept of it is not generally available to be learned. The only thing I’m putting across clearly is the operating part of this weapon, the part that actually triggers the earthquake. I’m not sure, or rather the concepts are not clear as to whether it is something that is dropped or something that is projected like a laser ray, but whatever the actual operating point of the spear is, so to speak, it is airborne. Some extension of the device is carried in a plane and the plane must fly over the area where the earthquake is to be or at least fly over the area where the earthquake must be triggered, regardless of the area the earthquake ends up affecting.

But that will not be the entire device. That will simply be like the point of the spear, just the operating part of it. The power behind the weapon and the science behind it will be based in a secret underground laboratory elsewhere. Somehow the power from the underground laboratory will be linked to the airborne device in such a way as to be able to channel it to the desired effect of a triggered earthquake. This could possibly be done in some sophisticated way by directing sound waves toward the target. The country that develops this device will be able to hold it as a major threat over the heads of all the major nations. Any nation can be intimidated that has any geological faults in their country that are susceptible to earthquakes.

It will be very similar to the situation immediately after World War II, of the United States being the only country with nuclear power. It might be a nation like Russia, or a nation with the power behind it to have secret military research going on in a big way, on a large scale. The attitude this nation will have is that, "the weapon is mine. I’m going to keep it to myself". It’s a paranoid nation that will have it and this will cause the disintegration of the United States.

«The sun in 20 degrees of Taurus», refers to when the weapon becomes generally known. It’s already in the process of being developed but it’s extremely secret. When it becomes more generally known, it will be that date. There will be an earthquake associated with it. That’s how people will come to realize there is something fishy going on. For there will start being a lot of earthquakes without the previous buildup of pressure associated with them. One side effect of this weapon is that it will create sufficient instability to set off other earthquakes that are apt to go at any time anyway.

I’m picturing the two major fault systems in the United States. One is particularly unstable. The other one stays stable but then is explosive. The San Andreas and the New Madrid faults. The earthquakes triggered by this weapon will cause the San Andreas fault to rumble all the time. The New Madrid fault has always been bad to build up the pressure and then explosively quake.

So with the San Andreas fault continually rumbling and vibrating it will set off the New Madrid fault into a major earthquake. When these earthquakes initially start happening the geologists will think it’s by natural causes, but then some of the information will not point to natural causes and they’ll begin so suspect something. As more earthquakes happen, through their science they gather more information and confront the scientific world with the evidence they have that these are not natural earthquakes.

This earthquake device, that this country has for focusing a certain type of energy waves onto certain parts of the earth’s crust to trigger earthquakes, is already in the process of being developed. This will be basically before the Anti-Christ comes to power. It will contribute to the United Nations falling apart, and that in turn will make things easier for the Anti-Christ.

This nation that develops this machine will be developing it independently of the Anti-Christ rising to power, but later on when he takes over a certain amount of power he’ll be able to start acquiring things like this. Then the Anti-Christ will take over this machine and start using it to his own ends. The Anti-Christ will acquire that machine through guile and trickery, through spies and bribery and all other nefarious means known to man.

The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,
when his wings will fail at his feet.
The two of Bresse will have made a constitution for Turin
and Vercelli, which the French will trample underfoot. (Ι-6)

There will be some research being done on a more sophisticated sort of radar to make it into a sensing-type device that will provide more in-depth information for the operator. They will be trying to develop this device so it can be used in aircraft. But the first experiments with this will be a failure. Somehow the device will put off the type of sympathetic vibrations to cause the structure of the plane to become weakened and dangerous, due to the dissolving of the bonds between some of the molecules in the metal.

«The eye of Ravenna» is an anagram for a mythological figure (Ravana: great demon in Indian lore) skilled in sorcery and in every magic art transforming themselves into all manner of shapes. «When his wings will fail at his feet», refers to the aircraft. At this time the scientists will end up temporarily abandoning the research in this project due to diplomatic breakdowns and the threat of war, etc. This will be occurring at the time of the Anti-Christ but before the Anti-Christ comes to full power. It will be happening in Europe at the time the Anti-Christ is gaining a power base in the Middle East, so the two events won’t really be related. But it will be one of the events in Europe that lead up to making it easier for the Anti-Christ to take over Europe.
The radar has been developed but it’s not been experimented on yet. They will find out soon enough that it is dangerous.

Note: Toward the end of inventor Nicola Tesla’s life he claimed to be able to create a shield in the upper atmosphere that would destroy any incoming aircraft. The Russians developed a machine (called "gyrotron"), based on Tesla’s invention, designed to "sweep the sky of warplanes" by using high-energy microwaves. These high-power microwave weapons would give the operator the same ability to wipe out electronic circuits as a nuclear blast would provide. The main difference is that this new technology is controllable, and can be used without violating nuclear weapons treaties. Tesla described his speed-of-light system as being able to melt aircraft hundreds of miles away.

Another quatrain that sounds like the "gyrotron" is Century II-91 (in "Space exploration") describing secret weapon research carried out by the Soviets.
They develop energy fields that guard their northern approach corridors.