7.8 The children suffocate without education

A year before the war in Italy,
Germans, French and Spanish will be for the strong one;
the school-house of the republic will fall,
where, except for a few, they will suffocate to death. (II-39)

There will be those in Germany, France, Spain, and Italy, who «will be for the strong one», will be secretly working for the Anti-Christ, helping him to take over Europe. As a result of him taking over Europe and destroying the cultural centers and such, it will affect Europe in such a way that, since they’ll be in a state of war, it’ll be difficult to continue educating the children because of air raids and such like. And so the children will have to go without education until the time of troubles are over.

Some of them, the ones referred to as «suffocating to death», are those with curious minds who need to read and learn because they are of above-average intelligence. They will feel like they are suffocating without the exposure to literature and such as they were used to. The phrase «the schoolhouse will fall», refers to the inability to educate the children due to the war conditions.