7.10 Use of nuclear weapons

Milk, blood, frogs will be prepared in Dailmatia:
battle, engaged, plague near Balennes.
A great cry will go up throughout Slavonia,
then will a monster be born near Ravenna. (II-32)

The «milk, blood, frogs will be prepared in Dalmatia» – refers to both the instruments of death itself – that is, various atomic weapons - plus the labs nearby where new ones are being developed. That last line «then will the monster be born» is about when researchers will develop this ultimate monstrosity in weapons near Ravenna. (In this quatrain Ravenna is also mentioned referring to a place). This research is already going on in your present. It will come to fruition during the time of troubles.

Near the harbor and in two cities
will be two scourges, the like of which have never been seen.
Hunger, plague within, people thrown out by the sword
will cry for help from the great immortal God. (II-6)

The word «harbor» means a body of water, an ocean, separating «two» major «cities». One of these cities is London and the other city is New York. Due to some secret research into bacteriological warfare, two different disease-causing organisms will be released into the atmosphere in such a way as to affect the population of the two cities. It will appear to be two different diseases even though it was caused by the same organism. As a result of this plague the service systems within these great metropolises will break down. The people in the surrounding countryside will panic and voluntarily stay away from the city, in effect putting themselves under quarantine. They will refuse to deliver anything to the cities, so that the people within the cities will be starving to death due to lack of food. Not because there’s no food to be had, but because no one will deliver it and run the risk of being exposed to the plague. 

Very near to Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvelous;
shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake. (I-46)

There’ll be a group of doctors researching into the powers of the various energy fields of the earth. This will be a secret government project. They’ll try to harness these powers and use them for various things including warfare. At the time they finally start doing direct experimentation on the physical world, they will accidentally rupture one of the earth’s fields in such a way that a beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of meteorites toward the earth. This will happen around the North Sea. The meteorites will be drawn toward the earth because of this alteration of the energy fields around the earth. So in the process of trying to repair the damage there is an earthquake soon after when the stress has built up. The three names I use in the quatrain are code words of the secret project I’ve anagramized.

People in general may not ever know the connection of those words with the event, even though some of them may already be recognizable from various government circles. Those words were partially reminders to myself as to where I was talking about and partially so there would be some key words in there that will make sense as time unfolds. People will of course think this was a spectacular natural phenomenon.