6.8 U.S. get involved in the conflict – the most traumatic period in their history

Various countries will be asking the more powerful countries for assistance during this time of the Anti-Christ. Particularly, they will be calling toward countries like the United States who will be neutral and not committed to the situation.

The fugitives, fire from heaven on to their weapons,
the next conflict will be that of the crows.
They call on earth for help and heavenly aid
when the aggressors draw near the walls. (III-7)

«The fugitives, fire from heaven on to their weapons, the next conflict will be that of the crows» refers to an aerial battle with unmarked planes. The Anti-Christ will be trying to take over a part of the world using airplanes. And there will be other airplanes coming out of the night that will fight them off. But they will be unmarked so that no one will know who they belong to. It will be strongly suspected they come from a strong western power who is still officially neutral. Not to mention any names, but their initials are U.S.

Shortly before sunset,
battle is engaged. A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places. (Ι-37)

This portrays the see-sawing back and forth the United States will go through before getting involved with this conflict with the Anti-Christ. «Close to sunset» means that in this situation it is known the United States is not at the peak of her powers as she was years before. Her star is waning somewhat. «The nation is uncertain» refers to the division of opinion amongst the people of the United States as to whether or not to get involved with this conflict.

«The seaport being taken» refers to the fact that shipping and such will be very dangerous during this time, because the Anti-Christ’s «silver fish» – referring to submarines – will make the seas very threatening.

There are enemy soldiers in the port fouling up shipping. A lot of the decisive battles will be battles concerning the taking over of seaports as well. Regarding «the bridge and the grave in a foreign land» the word (bridge) also refers to the pope and how he will be in a foreign land. That is to say, he will be looking at things differently than from the church and he will be foreign to the church. This is the last pope.

«The grave being in a foreign land» refers to one: the fact that people will be dying far away from home in the course of the conflict. And two: I’m trying to point out to both the church people of my day and the church people of the present day, that on the other side of the veil it’s very different from what they picture it to be. So it will be very «foreign» to their concepts. This meaning really does not relate to the rest of the quatrain, but I was still trying to get that information across. 
The USA will not solve its deficit problem. It is beyond control now and it will continue to snowball.  When that reaches the ultimate horrible conclusion, it will have a destabilization effect all over the world.

The Gardon will flood Nimes so high
that they will think Ducalion has been reborn.
In the colossus the greater part will flee,
Vesta’s fire appears extinguished in the tomb. (X-6)

This describes a bomb dropping down on the Pentagon – «colossus» – with a fiery wake, exploding there, killing the people without damaging the structures too much as «being extinguished in the tomb». The country that casts the bomb and is symbolized by the «Gardon», will flood the press with misinformation. Plus their political leader will draft and conscript so many into his army that it would appear to be a flood of war-making pouring out to sow discord on all involved.

The end of New York will not be long in coming:

The great city will soon be quite deserted,
not a single one of the inhabitants will remain.
Wall, sex, temple and virgin violated,
people will die from the sword, fire, plague and cannon shot. (III-84)

This quatrain refers to the end of New York. A nuclear-type of weapon is used, a type of chemical warfare, a bomb that kills all the people but doesn’t hurt the buildings. The bomb will be placed in New York harbor and will blow up the Statue of Liberty: «virgin violated». I couldn’t describe chemical warfare, so I used that metaphor in the two last lines.

The eagle driven back around the tents
will be chased by other birds around him.
When the sound of cymbals, trumpets and bells
will restore sense to the senseless woman. (II-44)

This refers to some of the defeats the United States will suffer while fighting against the Anti-Christ. «The eagle driven back around the tents will be chased by other birds around him». After the time of troubles is over, people are celebrating their victory and their freedom. This celebration will reawaken in the United States the concept that is embodied by the Statue of Liberty – «senseless woman» they will have their rights again and things will be better than they were before.