7. Europe: the Eternal Battlefield

7.1 The occupation of Europe with new weapons

The terrible things that I saw the Anti-Christ doing to the cultural centers of Europe were almost unbelievable. It really upset me to see cultural heritage, knowledge and religion, the cornerstones of civilization, destroyed wantonly in the name of control. The Anti-Christ had learned his lessons well. He knew how to completely undermine the morale of the people. Indeed his invasion will begin from these specific places, since he will judge that he can easily face the military forces of the southern part of Europe.
The occupation, however, of Europe will happen after painful battles and human loss. New weapons, unknown to us, mostly nuclear, with which the Anti-Christ will bombard a country before occupying it …

After the rather long milky rain,
several places in Reims will be touched by lighting.
Oh what a bloody battle is approaching them,
fathers and sons’ kings will not dare approach. (III-18)

The following quatrain also deals with a rain of milk:

In Lucca it will come to rain blood and milk,
shortly before a change of governor.
Great plague and war, famine and drought will be seen,
far from where the prince and ruler dies. (III-19)

In the quatrain (V-16) I refer to theAnti-Christ as «man of the cross» because before he is totally defeated he continues to try to put himself forward as the natural leader of humanity. This quatrain refers the fact that some nuclear weapons will be used during the battles with the Anti-Christ in the area of the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This will be taking place when the Anti-Christ is in the process of taking Europe ...

«The wretched, unfortunate republic» refers to Germany because it is split across her heart. I’m showing you a picture of east and west Germany, the land of Germany being split. Those «in exile» gathering up hard feelings refers to the fact that for his own purposes the Anti-Christ will put the Nazi party back in power in Germany. The movement in Germany in your present day, the popularity of Nazism amongst Germany’s youth, is laying the groundwork for this.

The wretched, unfortunate republic
will again be ruined by a new authority.
The great amount of ill will accumulated in exile
will make the Swiss break their important agreement. (Ι-61)

As a result of this, this will cause Switzerland to break her centuries-old neutrality, taking the side against the Anti-Christ and actively fight.
Century ΙΙ-29 and V-54 refer to the Anti-Christ’s war strategy in his invasion of Europe.

After the destruction in Italy he will go up through the mountains to get to France, using «a flying carpet», Nostradamus’ word for an airplane. It would be very logical for him to tackle Europe from the south by way of the Mediterranean because he would have the solid backing of the Islamic world. He will have already conquered North Africa and Middle East. He will set up a regional head-quarter in Byzantium (Turkey) to rule that part of the world as he continues his conquest. He will continue to set up these regional outposts in various places. His «bloody rod» (mentioned in both quatrains) represents the harshness of his rule.

The leader from Scotland with six Germans
will be captured by Eastern seamen.
They will pass Gibraltar and Spain
presented in Persia to the new dreadful king. (III-78)

The Anti-Christ - the «new dreadful king» - will request communication experts for «Scotland» but they will really be based out of London and «Germany». They will be shipped to him and used as his brain support. They go willingly because they’re paid well. The countries in the Middle East are trying to upgrade their weaponry and computer capabilities.

The great famine which I sense approaching
will often turn (in various areas) then become world wide.
It will be so vast and long lasting that (they)
will grab roots from the trees and children from the breast. (I-67)

The side effects of the war the Anti-Christ wages on the European continent will be tragic. The people will hide in underground chambers or in tunnels in the mountains for protection from destruction that will rain down from the skies. There will be great destruction and plagues upon the land. It’s at this time that men will turn cannibalistic because they will not be able to get the wheat that will still be growing copiously on the American continent.

So people will get so desperate for food they’ll start trying to eat anything. Particularly in crowded places such as India, they would be grabbing newborn infants as well –«will grab children from the breast».

The Sabine tears will no longer be of value,
human flesh through death is burnt to ashes;
the island of Pharos disturbed by (man of) the cross,
when at Rhodes a dreadful sight is seen. (V-16)

For once again in their history people will have to rely more on hunting to put food on the table …

Note: Traditionally the «tears of the Sabines» were considered symbolic of jewels of wisdom gained through painful experience. People will no longer heed past advice and experience and wisdom.

Again a return to the honors of Artemis,
and to Vulcan the corpses of the dead to bury. (IX- 74)

… There will be so many people dead that they will return to cremation because they will not be able to bury them all. «Vulcan» was the original blacksmith and forger of metal, the one who invented how to make fires hot enough to melt metals. That’s the type of fire you would need for cremation.

In the land with a climate opposite to Babylon
there will be great shedding of blood.
Heaven will seem unjust both on land and sea and in the air.
Sects, famine, kingdoms, plagues, confusion. (I-55)

The sociological and political effects of the Anti-Christ will be particularly felt in the developed countries which also happen to be northern countries with cooler climates. It will be particularly devastating in the major countries of the northern hemisphere that have cool climates. «Babylon» had a warm climate. Due to the political and sociological upheaval things will be torn and in confusion, and people will not know where to go or whom to follow. It will be a time where many doomsayers will rise up and claim to be prophets, claiming to have revelations and salvation for people. Governments will rise and fall. It will be a very confusing time.

The speeches of Lake Leman will become angered,
the days will drag out into weeks, then months,
then years, then all will fail. The authorities
will condemn their useless powers. (I-47)

This quatrain refers to one of the reasons behind the breakdown in diplomatic relations and communications that will be taking place throughout Europe during the time of troubles. Leaders will get together to meet about important things and make decisions at «lake Leman». They won’t be able to begin because they will be arguing over minor things like what shape of table they should meet around, who should sit at the head of the table, and things such as this, until the whole scheme falls through. They end up not being able to discuss any of the major things they met to discuss because of all the quibbling over minor details.

Those of Lerida will be in the Moselle,
killing all those from the Loire and Seine.
The seaside track will come near the high valley,
when the Spanish open every day route. (I-89)

There will be a lot of bloodshed going on. The rivers will run red with blood. In CENTURY II-83 when the Anti-Christ is making raids into Europe, the underground fights back. I call them «fog» in the quatrain because they will retreat into the mountain strongholds for protection and come forth very silently, like fog or smoke when they come forth to fight the enemy. This quatrain also refers to the major trade centers of Europe being brought to ruin, either through direct destruction or through the breakdown of trade.

The role the Spanish will play is they will be a key link in the underground organization to help link the central part of Europe to the outside world after the Anti-Christ’s forces have taken over. And the Pyrenees, the mountains between France and Spain, will play an important part in helping people to sneak past the clutches of the Anti-Christ.