6.7 War drums in Middle East and Africa

The Arab Prince, Mars, the Sun, Venus and Leo,
the rule of the Church will succumb to the sea.
Towards Persia very nearly a million men
will invade Egypt and Byzantium, the true serpent. (V-25)

The astrological signs «Mars, Sun, Venus, and Leo» are used to be able to give thumbnail personality sketches of the four Middle East leaders involved.The leaders will have different motivations in how they’re involved with this conflict. However, two of them, the leaders of Egypt and Turkey – «the Byzantium» - will be conspiring together to upset the balance of world power. In a very quick and brilliant maneuver each leader will expand in separate direction, yet they will be allied together.

Faith with Africa broken in the East,
Great Jordan, Rosne, Loire & Tagus will change.
When the hunger of the mule is sated,
the fleet is scattered and bodies swim in blood. (II-60)

This refers to some of the horrible fighting that will be going on: «The fate is broken in the east of Africa», refers to the Middle «East», because there will be a nuclear confrontation there. That’s how the faith will be broken because they will have said in agreement they were not going to use nuclear weapons in warfare. The water of that part of the ocean turns into a muddy red color and the bodies of those that have been killed will be floating around in what looks like «blood».

This will take place when the United States will have a Democratic President - «the mule» is the symbol of the Democrats. The four rivers, due to the violence of the nuclear blast, will changes their courses. And the countries that use some of these rivers for boundary lines will have to redraw their boundaries on the maps.

From Egypt there will go forth a man
who wants the edict withdrawn. (I-40)

Later on in the course of events the Anti-Christ will start uniting the currencies of the various countries of that world to make it easier to submerge them into one political entity. One of the ways he will accomplish this is to try to get one currency circulating throughout this area and have the other currencies become defunct or what-have-you. There will be those who will protest against this.

Particularly a charismatic popular leader from Egypt will be resisting this. He will want that particular «edict» or law «withdrawn» so that all the countries in this league of Arab nations can keep their own currencies and their own trade and such, rather than be submissive to this one political entity.