6.6 Iran and the Anti-Christ

The Anti-Christ will start his campaign by taking over Iran …

A burning torch will be seen in the sky at night
near the end and source of the Rhone.
Famine and weapon; help provided too late,
Persia will turn and invade Macedonia. (ΙΙ-96)

Some of the diplomatic foul-ups lead to the Anti-Christ attaining more power. «The torch seen in the sky at night» refers to his demonic hatred and his magnetism. People will see he has power and they will be aware that he wields it for the dark side rather than for the forces of light. Those in power who can do something about it will realize that something needs to be done, but they will not come to a decision until too late. Meanwhile, he will have already started his campaign by invading neighboring countries and taking them over, and building a broader base of power with which to tackle yet other countries. And eventually take over the Asian continent.

Birds at the palace, chased out by a bird
very soon after the upstart prince.
How many of the enemy are repulsed beyond the river,
the upheld bird seized from without by a trick. (II-23)

This refers to when the Anti-Christ takes over Iran. In order to be able to take over the country, he has to use a decoy to trick the Ayatollah in charge. «The birds» represent the hangers-on at court, the chattering magpies, the sycophants, the ones that tell the leader what he wants to hear. «The bird» that is «upheld» is the decoy that the Anti-Christ uses. When he starts to take over Iran he will drive away internal supporters of the Ayatollah by starting a civil war.

Then he will put forth a man as a leader; a man for Iranians loyal to the Ayatollah to concentrate their hate on. This man will end up being assassinated in the process of Iran being taken over, and they will think they have succeeded in foiling the attempt by assassinating him. Only to find out that he was a decoy all along, and that they have played right into the hands of the Anti-Christ.