6.5 The great powers against the anti-Christ

The two great powers, the United States and the Soviet Union will stand together to fight the Anti-Christ. That is why:

The two great ones, assembled between two mountains
will give up their secret quarrel. (VI-47)

There will be a band of Christians who will unite in the near east during the time of the Anti-Christ, involved in what we would call the "resistance movement" :

The great following of the sect of the cross
will arise in Mesopotamia.
Light company of the nearby river
who will regard such a law as inimical. (III-61)

But the farmers won’t stand idly by either:

The plains of Ausonia, rich and wide,
will produce so many gadflies and grasshoppers,
that the light of the sun will be clouded over.
They will devour everything and a great pestilence will come from them. (IV-48)

The name Ausonia is used symbolically to represent an underground movement of guerrilla fighters from the rural areas. «The plains of Ausonia» is used to symbolize the rural areas one must go through when traveling from town to town.
At first, and for quite a while they won’t have any decisive victories against the enemy, but they will be annoying like a lot of «mosquitoes or gnats» buzzing around. They manage to keep the enemy distracted just enough to give the fighting men a chance to win some victories. «The light of the sun will be clouded over» refers to the local crop duster-type planes they will use to help accomplish some of their mischief.

«They will devour everything and a great pestilence will come from them» , means whenever the farmers think the enemy forces are coming in their direction they will harvest and hide all of the food. Thus, the enemy cannot live off the land as they would like. It’s the scorched earth policy.