6.2 Underground organizations - the Anti-Christ is bluffing like Hitler

Near the Bear and close to the white wool,
Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Mars, Jupiter,
the Sun will burn the great plain, woods and cities;
letters hidden in the candle. (VI-35)

«Mars» conjuncts with «Jupiter» in «Virgo», in September 1992. This is when the Anti-Christ comes to power using conventional warfare but with a very strong threat of nuclear force. He will not actually have the material on hand for a nuclear confrontation, but the people he’s confronting don’t know this. He acts so aggressively they’re convinced he can carry through with his threat of nuclear force. It will be a successful bluff; the same method Hitler used. Some people in other countries will have nuclear weapons. Some of them will use small-scale atomic weapons, but most of them will hold back because they wish to avoid a nuclear confrontation. It will be a very touchy situation. «The Sun will burn the great plain» refers to a certain amount of nuclear confrontation that will exist during the time of troubles.

The «great bear» refers to Russia. The phrase «the white wool» refers to the snow and also the white robes the enemy will wear because they are woven from the hair of sheep. The last line «letters hidden in the candle» refers to the fact that clandestine organizations will be very plentiful and pervasive causing everyone to be careful about what they say. Many people will be members of various underground organizations as well as organizations for espionage. And one will have to guard one’s words carefully and figure out novel ways of communicating in order to not be betrayed.

Under one man peace will be proclaimed everywhere,
but not long after will be looting and rebellion.
Because of a refusal, town, land and sea will be broached.
About a third of a million dead or captured. (I-92)

During the time of the Anti-Christ there will a lot of fighting and a lot of people dying for the cause, whichever side they happen to be on, whichever side they happen to believe in.

Shortly afterwards, not a very long interval,
a great tumult will be raised by land and sea.
The naval battles will be greater than ever.
Fires, creatures which will make more tumult. (II-40)

There will be great, fantastic naval battles going on, as well as land and air battles. Some of the fantastic weapons are ultra-secret-secret to ultra-restricted right now. When they’re brought out for us in war, everyone will be amazed at them.

The great golden Royal, augmented by brass
breaks the covenant; war is started by a young man.
The people are afflicted by a lamented leader,
the land will be covered with barbarian blood. (V-19)

There will be great restlessness because of economic difficulties, being referred to as the «golden royal being betrayed by brass» . The advisers will not be advising wisely, and so things will be very unstable. The leaders, who are in power at the time, the duly elected representatives of the people, will be weak, vacillating men. Some countries will have excesses of food, such as bushels of wheat –«bushels of wheat will rise so high» , but the price for them will be so out of proportion no one will be able to buy the wheat.

It will be very hazardous because shipping will be totally disrupted, so not only will the price be out of proportion but the danger of trying to deliver the wheat will also be out of proportion. People will remember the atrocities they afflicted on each other during World War II.

Bushels of wheat will rise so high
That man will devour his fellow man. (II- 75)