6. Third World War

6.1 An astrological picture of the times

Jupiter joined more to Venus than to the Moon
appearing in a white fullness.
Venus hidden under the whiteness of Neptune,
struck by Mars by the engraved wand. (IV-33)

This refers to the positions of the planets in regards to the astrological signs. The influence of Venus, that is, of love and understanding, will be temporarily obscured due to other considerations, particularly the force of Mars, that is, of war. «The engraved wand» represents a symbol of power and weapons. It has to do with an advanced technology that is currently being developed but you are not aware of it.

These will happen during the times of troubles, at a point when Venus and Jupiter are in Sagittarius and with Venus being partially obscured by Neptune. This pinpoints the time for the onset of the major war that will cause destruction and famine and the plagues I’ve mentioned in several other quatrains.

Note: In traditional astrology Venus conjunct Jupiter is a beneficial aspect and in Sagittarius it is a sign of religion, philosophy and would open up more spiritual channels and spiritual centers, as I would see it. Neptune, as we describe it in esoteric astrology, is the higher octave of Venus. Meaning that on one side it’s the spiritual love of the universe, but on the other side Neptune can be the great sensualist or deceiver or the great waster of time.

So it is with Venus conjuncting with Jupiter in the sign of philosophy obscured by Neptune taking place now towards the end of the century in Capricorn, the most materialistic sign. Does this mean there’ll be a ray of hope coming from a more spiritual value system to humankind to prevent this great cataclysm that will be taking place?)

As I’ve already said, the ray of hope is there and my purpose for communicating with these quatrains is to try to at least alter, if not prevent, the worst aspects of these events from coming up. Whether the events are altered or not, even if the very worst that can happen happens, there will still be a great spiritual rebirth throughout the entire world. And during the time of troubles, people individually will have opportunities to get in touch with themselves and realize that the materialistic values were false. After the time of troubles when people start communicating with each other again, they will find out that other people realize this also.

This will cause a great rebirth of philosophy and a great blending of the best aspects of eastern and western religions. It will result in a worldwide movement of philosophical thought that is in accord with what people know and feel to be true. This will bring about the best aspects of the Age of Aquarius. If people could realize this ahead of time and hold on to this ray of hope, then they could alleviate some of the worst aspects of this time of troubles that is coming. But I fear it may be unlikely that this could happen in any widespread form, due to the materialistic values held by the majority of the populace.