6.3 The degeneration of leaders and laws

The false trumpet concealing madness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards. (I-40)

The «false trumpet» refers to powerful leaders who are both religious and political; men who have made their living being involved with religion, who in the prime of their lives get involved with politics. These are fundamentalist-type religious men who distort the word of God and use it for their own ends. Several of these men are striving for political power and they are banding together to help as many of them as possible to attain key posts in the government.

A lot of these posts are not necessarily splashy or public. Maybe a quiet post tucked away in the bureaucracy somewhere that’s in a key spot so far as the information and power flow is concerned, where they can use it for their own ends and subtly affect world events to their favor. These men attaining political power will have repercussions all over the world. It will cause many countries in the Middle Earth; I mean eastern Europe and western Asia and the Middle East, the whole area there.

Leaders of this part of the world will become very alarmed by the development of things. They will start changing their laws in reaction to this, making it more difficult for Americans to travel in that part of the world –«cause Byzantium to change its laws». Some laws in particular that will be changed will be those having to do with the conversion of American money into other currencies and with trading with the United States. It will have negative repercussions. As a result of this it will end up affecting the young Anti-Christ, referred to as «Byzantium». The young Anti-Christ in his own country, in the process of building up a power base, will be influenced in such a way that it will make it more difficult on Christendom in general later on.

The fundamentalists will be an element in their own undoing in this way. These men who appear to be very religious are very shrewd and calculating. When they go to seminary schools to learn how to be a Reverend and such, a lot of the things they learn can be used for crowd control and brain-washing and manipulating people. This is basically what they are doing, but they are for private, secular things rather than just religious things. What they’re really after is power.