3.21 Findings from ancient Greece

Under the ancient buildings of the vestals
not far from the ruin of the aquaduct.
There will be the glittering metals of Sun and Moon,
the golden lamp of Trojan burning, pillaged. (V-66)

An uncovering of history which will help bring new but also old knowledge to the surface and help educate humanity. «The golden ore» is symbolic of hidden records, history and information that was buried a long time ago. I think it will be found underneath these old buildings in Athens, where there were vaults or secret passageways.

The knowledge of science, knowledge of philosophies that will be bring to surface will coincide with records that will be found in other parts of the world that will help validate one another. The ancient Greeks were great thinkers. Many of them were aware of the control the mind can have over the body. And they knew of different life planets also.