3.22 Space exploration

In the feeble lists,
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;
Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn warning. (ΙΙ-65)

The first line refers to the fact that the leaders involved are not competent. They’re there because of family prestige. On a joint venture between America and France there will be a calamity. A spacecraft will have some scientists on it doing some biological experiments to see how these take place beyond the pull of gravity.

An accident will happen, a malfunction which will cause this ship to tumble back into the atmosphere and break up as it does so, and it will burn in the atmosphere. But some of the vials and containers being used in the biological experiments contain organisms hardy enough to survive the fall. Since these have been exposed to the cosmos they will be different to what they were before. And these organisms have the potential of causing plagues. The astrological notations there at the end are like a horoscope of the date.  «Mercury in Sagittarius», is easy enough to observe. Just look at the sky at night with a telescope. And «Saturn warning», for a drawer of horoscopes to draw up a horoscope when Mercury is in Sagittarius and Saturn is in a bad house for both America and France. It will be then.

The translators said that by interpreting the astrological signs as a conjunction that this quatrain would happen in the year 2044. The disaster will sadden both these nations and sympathetic nations, and they will work together to find out what happened.

At sunrise a great fire will be seen,
noise and light extending towards the North.
Within the globe death and cries are heard,
death awaiting them through weapons, fire and famine. (ΙΙ-91)

The first event this one refers to is the Tunguska disaster in the early part of our century; the terrible explosion of unknown origin that occurred in Siberia in the early 1900s. It leveled the forest over a 30-mile radius, killing mostly wildlife since this area was sparsely populated at that time, and rendering the land radioactive and useless. There have been many theories brought forth to explain this. The most common one is that a meteorite hit the earth at that point. But would that explain the radioactivity? Russian scientists have now offered the possibility that a spacecraft may have crashed there.

The Soviets have done some secret weapons research and they have some energy fields guarding their northern approach corridors. When this ship enters these corridors, it causes the ship to malfunction in such a way that many of the crew are killed. And when they crash there will be soldiers there on hand to either capture or kill them and cause them to perish.

But the ship will be harboring some microscopic organisms that will react in bizarre ways in earth’s climate and cause some not-understandable plagues; plagues that cannot be understood because the scientists cannot recognize the causative organism.

I would think that they would not want to kill them; that they would be curious enough to want to study them. The country where they crash will either be at war or fixing to go to war. They will have the wartime set of mind, so that anything from the outside is an enemy and will cause potential harm.

When Venus will be covered by the Sun,
under the splendor will be a hidden form.
Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,
by a rumor of war will be affronted. (IV-28)

This quatrain has a multiple meaning. One of the interpretations refers to an event that has already taken place. It is an event that actually did happen, but at the time it did, it was considered to be a rumor rather than an actual event. One aspect of this quatrain has to do with the Russian space program. Back in the early seventies when Russia and America were trying to outdo each other in regards to accomplishments in space flights, particularly manned space flights, Russia embarked upon an ambitious project. They decided that since they had not been successful in having a manned flight to the moon, in the process of trying to salve their hurt pride they reasoned that they would do something better and not worry about the moon.

They attempted to send a manned flight to Venus. When they did this, contact was broken for a period of time and the ship was presumed to be lost or destroyed. At the last minute, communication was reestablished just before the ship burned up in the atmosphere of Venus – «under the splendor will be a hidden form».

At the time the United States suspected it had happened, but they were thinking it might be just a trick of propaganda for the Russians. This was at a time when diplomatic relations between the two countries were very touchy.

The Challenger accident was not an isolated incident of space tragedy. It was merely the most publicized. I saw that astronauts had been lost since the beginning of space exploration, by not only the United States, but Russia and other countries. Unknown to the outside world, other countries besides the two super powers were conducting space experiments in the early days of space travel. Many of them stopped experimentation after disastrous results. Many of the so-called "unmanned" flights actually contained astronauts who died or were lost in space during unsuccessful missions.

These accidents were never made public for obvious reasons. When I thought about this, I remembered rumors in the early 1970s that the Soviet first soft landings on Venus actually contained astronauts who died. There was much speculation at the time because of mysterious radio broadcasts. But no proof was ever brought forth and these speculations have remained only rumors.

The machine of flying fire
will come to trouble the great, besieged chief.
Within there will be such sedition
that those abandoned will be in despair. (VI-34)

This was a prediction of the accident that happened earlier this year at NASA with the Challenger crew. (This occured at the end of Januaray, 1986.) The aftereffects of that tragic accident caused a great division of opinion in power, both within NASA and the Strategic Air Command, in regards to the aims and goals of the American space program.

There has been a faction fermenting for quite some time in favor of unmanned probes with sophisticated instruments on them. This accident gave them the fuel they needed to start a fire of dissent. And those idealists who hold to the dream of man exploring space directly have become very discouraged about the development of the matter. For they were wanting to construct space stations and develop solar power to help relieve the energy needs of the earth.

«It will come to trouble the great besieged chief» means both the leaders of NASA and the President of the United States. One of the major contributing causes to the accident seems to have been computer error.
Even though the majority of the evidence was destroyed in the conflagration, what pieces are found and what story is pieced together will not be made public; it will be kept within the highest circles of NASA as they try to figure out what caused such a horrible accident. What they release is propaganda.

This will set the space program back temporarily. But the time element involved will be longer that what is originally anticipated, because right now it has caused a great division in the ranks. It’s like a two-headed serpent fighting itself. Each division is trying to get the upper hand so as to direct the space program in their desired direction. By the time this is resolved the implementation of the decision will be delayed by war. It won’t be until the war is over and things have settled down and the country has recovered from the war, that the space program will be implemented in the direction of the development of solar power and space stations. The idealists will eventually win out, but it will be a very close decision. The advent of war will help strengthen their position.

More than eleven times the Moon will not want the Sun,
both raised and lessened in degree.
Put so low that one will sew little gold:
after famine and plague the secret will be discovered. (IV-30)

This quatrain refers to an event, the roots of which have already been laid but the outcome will not come to light for a while yet. The phrase «more than eleven times the moon will not want the sun», refers to the United States’ space program and the manned flights to the moon. The moon at that time was very prominent in men’s thoughts, thereby raised in glory and more important. Therefore she was not needing or wanting the influence of the sun to add to her glory.

But then the space program will fall into disfavor so that the glory of the moon is lessened through policy changes in the government, and the emphasis is shifted in a different direction. And the change of emphasis is due to some - I insist on using the word "nefarious" – nefarious policy - making behind the scenes the voting public is not aware of, but would not approve of if they knew of it. These policy changes of redirecting the money toward military things rather than scientific things will contribute to the horrors of the changes that are to come. But the machinations behind the scenes will not be exposed until a late date. (The moonshots went up to number eleven before Neil Armstrong landed on the surface. The missions were named after Apollo, the Greek sun god).

 «One will sew little gold» means that when the change of policy takes place it affects the money available for contributing to the moon’s glory; that is, the money availabe for space programs. It is diverted for other uses and since no money is contributed into the space program, they cannot return in kind. Because when money is contributed to research that the space program is involved in, they return in ten-fold by the discoveries that are done to help improve the lot of mankind. «After famine and plague the secret will be discovered» means after the time of troubles.