3.20 Excavations at the Great Pyramid

The bones of the Triumvir will be found
by those searching for a deep and enigmatic treasure.
Those around will not be peaceful.
This hollowing of marble and metallic lead. (V-7)

Excavations in Egypt will reveal star charts and maps of galaxies. The «Triumvir» are the people who put this information there; that sealed the tomb. A part of their mission was to conceal this in such a way that they would be buried with it and sealed up. The door was constructed of the mixture of alloys, marble and metallic lead and this gave it an electric aura.  They came to earth from planet Zolar.

Salon, Mansol, Tarascon, the arch of SEX:
where the pyramid is still standing.
They will come to deliver the Prince of Denmark,
a shameful ransom to the temple of Artemis. (IV-27)

There is going to be an archaeological investigation at the Great «Pyramid» that will uncover many secrets. The way it will be bankrolled will be through a «person of the noble house of Denmark». However, the French will take all the credit for it. The cities referred to are all located in southern France and they represent the different areas that the archaeologists will come from.

The arch of SEX» and «the temple of Artemis» simplyrefer to womankind. There will be female members of this archaeological team. It’s capitalized because it’s unusual; we didn’t have these types of positions in my time.

The father and son will be murdered together,
the leader within his pavilion.
The mother at Tours will have her belly swollen with a son,
a verdure chest with little pieces of paper. (VIII-75)

«The murder of the father and son at the same time» refer to the burning of the libraries in Alexandria. There seems to be some big loss of ancient information. I don’t know when the library at Alexandria was burnt. However, the «father» information was more ancient that the «son» information. The symbolism of the impending birth, of the «pregnant mother» is that the information will get out. This quatrain addresses the fact that back then the library withstood some heavy-duty natural events and lived.