3.6 Protest concerts – Rock music 

On the boundary of Caussade and Caylus,
not very far from the depths of the valley,
music from Villefranche to the sound of lutes,
surrounded by cymbals and a great (deal) of stringed (instruments). (Χ–41)

I saw a unique phenomenon developing in the 20th century, the giving of musical concerts
for various reasons: for political expression, for raising money to aid people stricken with catastrophe or what-have-you. This type of music was like nothing I had ever heard before; it is rock music. I always thought that was
a piece of a mountain, something hard that
one would use for building a wall. But I used
the phrase «many stringed instruments and cymbals all around» to describe the sound
of amplified music.

The results of this music have affected history. I recall that during the United States’ involvement with what is called the Vietnam War, several protests were held, particularly in the form of concerts. That finally culminated in the United States getting out of that war.
As various events continue to occur and disasters become more frequent, the government will no longer be able to supply disaster relief to the various areas
as it has in the past.

So the people will have to turn to their fellows for relief. And one of the ways this will be done will be with musicians, actors, mimes, jugglers and all manner of court entertainers, getting together and entertaining people. The money the people toss to them will be given to those who need the disaster relief.